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Account & Profile

I got banned! Why?!

There can be multiple reasons of why your account might have been restricted.

The most common issues are:
• Multi Accounting; It's not allowed to have more than one account.
• AntiCheat System; You might got caught cheating.
• Argon System; Your account had suspicous activities.

We ask you to follow our Terms of Service, so everyone can experience a fair environment.

If you think this happend in error, please submit a ticket:
• Write a ticket

What is the referral system?

The referral system is used to reward our players, who refer our server to their friends.

You will be awarded with Points for each user registered with your personal link. Those points are based on total playtime of your friends, and can be used for claiming Valkore Fragments on our website here:
• Playtime Rewards

I want to change my password.

You can change your password in your user profile:
• User Profile

I want to change my mail address.

If you wish to change your mail address, you have to contact our support team and request it by submitting a ticket:
• Write a ticket

Please note, once the address got changed you have to verify it again before you can enter the game.

I want to delete my account.

If you wish to delete your account and all its data you have to submit a ticket with the account you wish to be deleted.

You can request the account deletion here:
• Write a ticket

Please note, this process can take up to 72 hours and cannot be reverted!

Can i claim a character name which is already in use?

If the account holding your desired character name is banned, or has less than 10 hours of playtime, and is inactive for over 3 months, their character names are available for claim. Simply open a ticket with the name you are interested in and you will be guided further.
• Write a ticket

Please note, we cannot reserve a name once it got freed up and is ready to claim.